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Blog Blog

New and improved

Linux tips Linux tips

Solutions to some tricky Linux (et. al.) problems

Interjections Dictionary of interjections

Boo! Eek! Ouch! Eww!

Linux ate my ram! Linux ate my RAM!

Reassuring newbies since 2009

ShellCheck ShellCheck

Static analysis and linting tool for shell scripts

Reverse Engineering

Elfish .fsh Elfish .fsh

The Elfish .FSH file format decoded

S725Xdump S725Xdump

A tool for dumping Polar S725X HRM data

Reunion .PIC Reunion .PIC

The Reunion .PIC file format

Theme Park password generator Theme Park password generator

Passwords for Theme Park on the MegaDrive

Fun & Games

Wordcount Wordcount

How often do words appear in the Linux source?

Vidar's Adventure Vidar's Adventure

A small collection of cartoons

Tetris AI Tetris AI

A little Tetris AI applet

BashInvaders BashInvaders

Space invaders, written in Bash

IRC-To-RageComic IRC-To-RageComic

Turn IRC logs into rage comics

Lucksweeper LuckSweeper

Minesweeper where all your guesses are lucky!

Random Projects

Finite Curve Finite Curve

Online tool that draws a photo as a single line

Virca Virca

The original (read: archaic) J2ME irc client

Evalbot Evalbot

Safe evaluation of arbitrary shell commands

MandelMacro MandelMacro

Mandelbrot fractals in Excel

Unicode Mazes Unicode Mazes

Generates a maze with unicode line drawing characters

Contemplative stick figure

Want more?

Would you be interested in some tiny 3D Python games? A tool for tunneling IP over ICMP? An implementation of MD5.. in shell script?

Get all of that and more in the Junk section!

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