How bored can you get? How much boredom can a human mind contain? What is the deepest, sadest dimension of pure boredom a person can experience?

I must have been close to 'borvana' when I made this macro.

OpenOffice showing a mandelbrot fractal. If you're using Excel 2000 (or fairly compatible, but OpenOffice is not), you give it a test run. If you're not, there are a selection of sample renderings. To your left is a screenshot from OpenOffice (click to enlarge). As you can see, all cells are tiny, and the background color is set to form a pixmap. You can zoom in on these things by selecting a nice area and pressing ctrl+z.

There's even a contributed version with better instructions, background information, multiple colors and more!

What is a mandelbrot fractal?
Here are some websites to look at:
Introduction to the mandelbrot set. "A guide for people with very little math experience".
Fractal theorySlightly less practical for some, but equally interesting.

If you want hardcore links, go google