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[Communicate with the world!] Imagine you're out in the offline world and need to get a hold of someone. Imagine that all you have to work with is a cell phone. What do you do? Why, you hop on IRC of course!

The Virca IRC midlet lets you connect to IRC from a wide range of J2ME compatible phones and devices. A short list of some of the features:

For screenshots and a little documentation, see the Virca Manual. Problems that aren't mentioned in the manual? mail me. Virca is not under active development, so go easy on the feature requests. Besides, there's a good chance jmIrc already has it.


JAD file JAR file Source code
Wap page available at http://wap.vidarholen.net/. Motorolas can also get it OTA from www.vidarholen.net. Contributed Palm PRC here (thanks to bspit). Russian version by An12345 (Pentik): jar, jad and source.

Reported to work on the following models: (*, might require Poll mode)
(If your device isn't listed here or below, I do not know whether or not it works. Try it and mail me the results.)
Reported not to work on these:
Try WLIrc or jmIrc if Virca's not working, or you'd like to try another client. If you have a model or comment to add to either list, I'd love to hear about it.
Latest updates: