Vidance - The VNC Midlet

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A while back, Vidar tried a vnc midlet. Its name shall not be revealed, but it rhymes with Blacktiveviewer. At the time, it did not even support password logins, and Vidar never got to try it later because they removed the trial version "due to piracy". "Screw it", Vidar thought, "Instead of using something that's crappy and expensive, I'll make something that's crappy, free and mine!"

Fortunately, other people with more time on their hands had similar ideas, so I suggest you try j2mevnc instead.


Vidance (Vidar's VNC) is a VNC client for mobile devices. By installing a VNC server (available for most platforms) you can display the desktop on your device and interact with it. Obviously interaction isn't too easy on a tiny display with a slow connection, but it's certainly a neat party trick.
Vidance it is in Alpha, implementing only the most necessary of functions. It's reached a level where I can use it for most of what I want, so it's not currently under development

Usage info

[Screenshot should be here :)] Here's an old screenshot of the app in action. It displays The Gimp's control panel, or parts of it anyways. Under it is "the menu", and under there is button space reserved for later (by the emulator mind you). In the lower left corner are the mouse buttons. Select the left one and tap the screen to left click. Multi buttons at once are supported. Now there is also an E and a B for Enter and Backspace, plus an Input and a Disconnect button.

Due to the long update times, you have to press Fire to update the screen. Scrolling to other parts of the screen are done with directional keys. Hit Fire again to see the new spot. Updates are incremental if you stay in one spot.

Things that are and will be.


JAD file JAR file Source code
Some Motorolas can also get it OTA from
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