Don't read this, the game's starts at once!!
This game was written by yours truly for a ThinkQuest entry that never made it. The timestamp says it's from my 16th birthday, March 23rd 2000. The coding is absolutly awful (even for javascript ;). I'm impressed by the graphics though...I remember sitting and curling those small intestines after an illustration. Ahh, the memories.

The original images were 60kb 640x480 jpegs, scaled to fit in 400x300 by the browser. Since we all run higher resolutions nowadays, I just increased it. The last win2.jpg image was 400x300, so it gets an ugly scale. I also made the answer buttons the same width, removed table sizes, increased text area and set the wait delay to 1000 from 5000.

This is not a piece of software, more like a diary page written in code, so I won't do any fixing other than the immediate maintainance described above. If you want to use this for anything, mail me. Who knows, if I put effort into it, maybe I can dig up the old 3dsmax file.