This is a kludgy script to show sources to all embedded objects in konqueror (<object> and <embed> tags). You can use this to list the src/source attribute of embedded video, audio or flash. It goes through all windows, tabs and frames, evaluating a piece of javascript that will hopefully print out the source urls. Having a few windows open with a BBC web-tv player and a random flash site, this is what it says:
vidar@lain ~ $ listobjs


itchy and scratchy:

This is convenient because you don't need a plugin to view something, you can hand it to whatever third party utility you want without piecing together html or tracing javascript. It's far from perfect, but it seems to work adequately enough for now.

The preferred way would be to have browser support or an all-encompassing plugin that simply lists the parameters, but I don't want to get into that. Let me know if such a thing exists.

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