Python games

A blue block hunting a red block in a green maze

Kamsa Hamnida

Kamsa Hamnida was an entry for a privately held 1024byte competition. The original version ungzipped itself at runtime, but for what it's worth in terms of readability, it is downloadable here as a plain python file. It requires pyopengl to run. The code is understandably obscure for size reasons.

It's a maze game, where the blue box is controlled by ijkl through a randomly generated maze to find the red box.

A black sphere trying to not fall into puddles of lava

The Floor is made of Lava

For the same 1024byte competition for the following year, I submitted The Floor is made of Lava, where a black sphere (advertised as Chain Chomp from the Super Mario franchise) would jump around on an increasingly lava-filled track. The game is controlled with left/right-arrows and space, and requires pyopengl and pygame to run. It can be downloaded here .