Tired of the awful it's:learning interface? Would you like a way to check the subjects that doesn't give you carpal tunnel? I sure did, so I wrote a screen scraper to collect the information in somewhat neater piles. For now, it only supports NTNU-based logins, but it should be relatively easy to modify to accept the general login method if anyone has access to that.

It's a shell script, making heavy use of curl (and lynx). I've tested it on GNU and OpenBSD, and it seems to work, though it doesn't produce very stylish output. Get it here (edit and fill in the user/pass variables). Here's my sample page. As of writing, it's christmas, so the page won't be updated automatically. With any luck, I won't ever have to update it.

I wrote it on 2005-12-20 and updated it on 2007-09-07. They'll probably tweak the pages and break the script at some point.

I was informed they were working on APIs to allow this kind of thing in a less ugly manner, but years later, there's no sign of it.

it's:lollin only attempts to get posted course information. If you'd like the downloadable files, Helmut provided itsdownloaded.rb. If you give it a list of folders, it'll recursively download the files. It can also be run periodically, and then will only download the new/missing files.